Monday, March 12, 2012

Medusa cloth doll

Posted by, Paulette

Sometimes when I'm out shopping, I'll pick up an item and have a picture flash into my head. Before Christmas, Dave and I were on a date and found ourselves at Joann Fabrics. While shuffling through their clearance bins, I found rolls and rolls of snake printed ribbon. I had an image of Medusa flash into my head. Flash forward to a few days ago. I found the ribbon while looking for something else and pulled it out and took it to my desk along with some pipe cleaners and a needle and thread and got to work. I found that by rolling the ribbon around the pipe cleaners a certain way and hand stitching it, I could get something that looked like a snake, so the project was a go.

The next part to decide was to make her pretty with all of those snakes for hair, or ugly...or something in between. I remembered that a couple of years ago, I'd bought some fabric that resembled tree bark, and thought that was a good start.

While needle sculpting her face, I thought that I would go the in between route, and make her a bit pretty. I've never done the shading or painting on a dark skinned doll before, and after pulling up a picture of a beautiful African woman on the internet, I had a reference.

 After some research on the internet (thank goodness for Wickapedia) I put together a chiton and some jewelry and a stand that is reminiscent of ancient Greek pottery. 

Here's a better picture of all of those snakes.
 Medusa is available in my shop.

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