Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Day With Goats

Posted by Paulette

Don't you just love spring break? The slower and relaxed schedule are nice. And I love being able to take the kids out on outings and sleeping in a bit. 
 Tuesday looked like it was going to be a day of going to the library and a nice relaxed visit with friends. Just sitting on the porch and watching kids play and catching up with news. We made it to the library and then went to a friend's house. After about an hour of visiting, I learned that my friend's daughter, Heidi, is goat sitting. She is responsible for milking them each day and making sure they have food and water while the owners are on vacation for a week.
 Life has a way of changing things up and making them more exciting. One of the goats delivered a beautiful buck the night before and when she arrived she noticed that Missy was still laboring to deliver another kid. My friend Tami invited me to go and see the new kids with them.
 I just can't pass up an opportunity to hold baby animals!
When we arrived it was evident that Missy was in distress and after milking her, it was decided to call a professional goat keeper and ask for advice.
She t old us that we needed to "go in and pull the kid out." There were more instructions, but after Heidi gave it a try, she became unsure of herself. She's been in FFA, and so, we thought that she'd have some knowledge about what to do. She's only 16 now, but when she's an adult, it would be amazing to see what she can do.
 I volunteered to check Missy and see if I could help her birth the kid. Unfortunately, the kid was still born. 
 Tami and I explained to Heidi that Missy didn't know, and wasn't emotionally attached the way humans are. 
 The little kid that I'm holding in the picture is Missy's. And Missy is the white goat in front of me.
 We visited her early this morning and checked her again, and she didn't have any kid in the birth canal. I hope she'll finish up this business of birthing soon. I feel such compassion for her. 
 I guess I can pass off "birthing a farm animal" off my bucket list. It just shows that you can do anything!

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