Friday, March 16, 2012

The Ruins

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Sometimes when we go on outings as a family, I wonder what it would be like to home school. And then I get sane again and realize that it's not all about the outings, and that they would be at home...all the time. Aaaaahhhh!

Still, these educational outings are so much fun.
Saturday, after spending most of the day trying to get the kids to do chores, we finally set out for a picnic. I've been wanting to see the Hohokum ruins at Hohokum for about a year now, and the weather is perfect right now. Pretty soon the temps will be in the 100's and we'll be less likely to want to go out into it. At the mid 70s and low 80s it's PERFECT!

So we stopped off at the store to pick up some things and we were off. We arrives at 4:30. The park closes at 5. Not much time to go and see the ruins, but since they're literally just outside the door of the museum, we had plenty of time.

It's pretty amazing to think that these walls date back to the 14th century!
When I got home I was impressed to learn that Hohokum means "forgotten." 
When the Native Americans were asked, by the European explorers, about where their forefathers were, they called them Hohokum.

When you live in the desert today it's hard to believe that there was a thriving community that lived here without all of the modern conveniences and that there's so much food in the desert, even for people!

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