Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring Mantel

Posted by, Paulette

 I shopped the house for items to decorate the mantel for Spring. Some of these things were in other places decorating the house and some were in the garage. The only things I bought was the two rabbits at Goodwill for a buck each.
 The eggs are paper mache'. Painted with acrylics.

Mommy bunny had some damage to her ears. You can see the spot at the end of her left ear. I just put some Super Sculpey into it, and sculpted it until it looked right and then baked it in the oven.

Remember these hydrangeas? I dyed them with food coloring. Originally I'd done them in a turquoise and light green. I didn't think that they looked natural enough, so, I over dyed them.

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