Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hagrid doll gets some funny responses

Posted by, Paulette

Sometimes I'll take an in-progress doll on the road with me, and work on it in public. Usually that comments are good, and people are interested in what I' working on, and will ask for a business card (why I don't carry some in my purse is a mystery), and I'll tell them about my blog or my shop, and hopefully they remember and have a look see later.
 This week I've been working on a new Hargrid doll.  I already have someone who wants this one. Anyway, as I sat at the high school watching my 12 year old son practice dancing on the football field for a dance festival, I got some really funny looks. Someone said that she thought that I was changing my baby's diaper upside down, and then when she came around the corner, she realized that "my baby" had a really UGLY face!
Usually that's what people said, that my baby was ugly. I got a lot of second looks. Imagine hundreds of teenagers laughing and pointing at you. This would have been a nightmare! Not on that day. It was good exposure. LOL!
I admit he does have a really ugly face...for a baby. For Hagrid, it's right on. At least if he were clean shaven. After I get his body assembled he'll get his hair.

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