Monday, April 23, 2012

Moster Book of Monsters

Posted by, Paulette

You've already seen pretty much what Hagrid looks like completed. I thought I'd show you the finishing touch. the Monster Book of Monsters!

It's made in the traditional way of book binding. The pages were cut to size and then sewn down the fold. Then they were glued to the spine, and then all of the fun stuff happened. I used fake fur glued to the outside of the book and then using scraps from Hagrids coat, eyelids were hot glued to some doll eyes and then glued to the front and center of the book. 
The tongue is a piece of ribbon clued to the inside of the book. I'm so glad I cut the buckles off an old pair of little girl's shoes before throwing them out, because they came in handy for making the belt that holds the book closed.

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