Monday, April 2, 2012

Poppy Tutorial

Posted by, Paulette

Making a poppy brooch is really easy. You'll need some scraps of fabrics in the colors that you want your poppy to be.
They seem to come in all colors of the rainbow, including blue!

 Fabric scraps that are at least 4 inches across
Tulle that matches your fabric
threads that match your fabrics
black and green beads
a small amount of stuffing ( a cotton ball would work)
Pin back

I started by cutting the fabrics I wanted to use into crude wavy circles. Then stacking the fabrics one upon the other. The tulle circles (3 of them) were folded into quarters, and the place into the center of the fabrics.

Then using a running stitch, sew the tulle to the center of the flower.
 Once all of the tulle triangles have been added, pull the thread tight to gather the center of the circle.
 Knot the thread on the back of the flower.
 Cut the green fabric into a circle about the size of a half dollar. Using a running stitch along the outside curve, gather the circle to make a kind of pocket.
 Put a small piece of stuffing into the center and then pull the thread tight, and take a stitch to close off the little ball.
 Place the green ball into the center of the flower, and using a ladder stitch, sew the green ball to the center of the flower. Go all the way around.
 Now that the flower is formed, you can begin to sew the beads on to the center of the flower. Use as many or as little as you like.

 When you're finished, take the thread to the back of the flower and sew  the pin backing to it.
 Tie off your thread and enjoy your new piece of jewelry!


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