Friday, September 14, 2012

Not Exactly the Way I Envisioned It

Posted by, Paulette

Have you ever thought out a project, got excited about it, and put it together and then realized that it wasn't just the perfect project that you envisioned? Yeah. That's this one.

When Dave and I were married we were given a lot of beans. 
My mother-in-law meant well. The beans are for the food storage that we are all supposed to have, in case of an emergency. She had them for years, and the passed them on to her son. These beans were 50 years old. In order to get them soft enough for eating, they had to be cooked in a pressure cooker for an hour. So when we finally got to the bottom of a huge galvanized can of 50 year old beans, I was happy. 

I decided to turn it into a rolling hamper. So on date night, Dave and I went to Lowes. The workers there were so bored. You could have heard crickets. I guess Lowes is just not the happenin' place on a Saturday night. Who knew?

After looking at the plethora of casters available, I decided to choose this one.

Easy peasy! One bolt and nut and I was done! I used a nail and hammer to punch a hole in the center of the trash can, and then used progressively larger drill bits until the hole was large enough for the bolt. 

Once I flipped the can over, I realized that this project was not going to be "perfect." I should have gotten three or four of the individual casters and placed them closer to the edge. 
"Why? " you ask. Because now it tips to one side.  
 Don't you just love all of that  patina

At least the next part of the project went well. I had a flat twin size sheet that I wasn't using. Because we all know that kids won't keep a flat sheet on the bed. They don't understand why they exist.
It was just the right width to fit around the top of the can. I measured the height of the can, and added five inches for the fold over. Then after I snipped and tore the sheet to the right length, I flipped the can over on top of the remaining  fabric, and drew around it with a sharpie. 
After cutting out the circle, I sewed it to the unfinished edge of the fabric, and then sewed up the side. 
Put it into the can and you're done. 
I know it's not perfect. It's industrial shabby chic. At least that's what I tell myself.  

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