Saturday, February 4, 2012

Chai knockoff

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While in New Mexico last week I was reminded of a long lost love. This was not a crush from the  days that I was single. This was something that I loved to drink before I became a faithful Latter Day Saint who shunned coffee and tea. I'm talking about the sweet, spicy tea called chai. I was introduced to chai when my aunt took me to have my first experience with Indian food. I loved the food, and couldn't get enough of the chai. Since then, (I won't say how long) Starbucks have been popping up on every other street corner, and one of the things they offer on their looong list of coffees and teas is chai. My sister loves the stuff, and orders it all of the time. I sit next to her just breathing the fumes and knowing that I can't have any. And then I discovered this stuff!
 Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice Herbal Tea. Look what it says on the side.
 And better still, there's no tea leaves in it! Look.
 And if you look at the bottom, it says, "gluten free." Just in case you were wondering.
Traditionally steamed milk and sugar are used in chai.  Because of my allergies, I prefer to use a lite vanilla soy milk, and stevia. To me it tastes the same, and I get to enjoy a guilt free treat!
If I want one cup, I fill the tea cup halfway up with water and drop in a tea bag, and set the microwave for 1 minute. Then I remove the bag, and add the other ingredients. 
But, if everyone else in the family sees me having some, they will too, so usually this is the way we brew it.
3 teabags in a large pot of water, then transfer it to a tea pot, or in this case, a hot chocolate pot. Isn't it cute? I found this lovely at one of our local Goodwills.

 Next time you want some chai, and don't want all that caffeine stuff, or don't want to pay Starbucks for their overly inflated prices, check out your grocery store.

I was not paid by Celestial Seasonings for an endorsement. I just love their products.

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