Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Parson's Chair Slipcover

Posted by: Paulette

Someone did me a favor and didn't even know it. They donated part of a matelasse quilt to Goodwill. I love these kinds of quilts! I fell in love with a chair slipcovered in one, and have wanted to do a chair like that. However, when I found the fabric at Goodwill, I didn't know at the time exactly what I was going to do with it. I thought maybe make some pillow covers or something. 

Then one day while trying to get some stains off of the Parson's chair that I use at my desk, I thought, "it would be nice if I could just take the cover off and wash it." Hello! I have just the fabric for that! So I pulled out the fabric and started draping, and cutting, and sewing, and soon I had a new washable cover! I know, it's white, but I can boil it in Oxy Clean. Do you know about this trick? I'll have to tell you about it some other time.

All of the other slipcovers I've made have been using buttons. I envisioned this one being ultra feminine and wanted to use ties. It reminds me of a corset. 


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