Monday, February 13, 2012

Ghost Town Fun

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The experiences of the last few weeks has me reevaluating how I spend my time. I am usually such a driven person. I have to get things done. And when I don't I am unsatisfied with my day.

Three weeks ago when I was in the hospital with my father, I was trying to get him to make some goals for the future, and was disappointed when he wouldn't, or couldn't. Speaking to the social worker taught me that sometimes we just need to be. I didn't understand what she meant by that at the time. 

A few weeks later after I'd returned home, I read a post by a blogger who was mourning the sudden death of her 7 year old nephew. I read about what a talented boy he was, and about how close their family was, and I thought that this child had a very full happy life. Even if he was only 7. 

It caused me to think about the time I spend with my own children. I decided that we needed to build more family memories together. And that I needed to live in the moment a little more. 

I didn't dress the kids to match. They wore what ever they wanted. And most of the pictures were not taken while I was yelling at them to "hold still." They were just playing.The pictures were taken in Goldfield, a ghost town in Apache Junction, AZ.

AZ Hold 'em

Burton Desperadoes
Workin' it

Backs against the wall
Come and get me, boys!
Dance Hall Girls
Daddy Daughter Dance

Stoppin' for a bite to eat
Gun fight!
" We'll have no more violence in this town!"
Retired shovel heads
The Whole Gang
Sittin' pretty
I'll sit for "one " picture
Next week we've promised the kids that we'll take a picnic to Canyon Lake. More pictures and more memories!

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  1. Cute pics!!! I totally want to check this place out with my kids during Spring Break - hopefully I can keep the older two home long enough for a family outing. I could just take the younger two along with a couple of their friends. The first comment was from me, but my Darling Daughter Danni didn't sign out, so the comment came from her account. Opps!!!