Friday, February 24, 2012

Home Haircuts

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I love to save money! Don't you?
As soon as I got married, I started learning how to cut hair. Since Dave isn't one of those men who really cares about his appearance, I was allowed to mess up some, and he didn't mind.
Now, 13 years later, I cut everyone's hair in our family. Do the math. Even if I was only paying $10 a haircut, that's $60 saved! 

 When Katie was 2 years old, the fantasy of having a little girl with Rapunzel hair was over. She hated having her hair combed and styled, and I had another baby to take care of. I took her to the salon and had them give her a short A-line bob. It was adorable on her, and a lot easier to comb through. She still has the same cut, and now I'm brave enough to cut her hair.

Love the volume the layering gives
 That baby I was talking about earlier, she's now three years old and the princess curls were just too hard to take care of. When Sophia started running from the comb, I decided to cut her hair shorter. She got a shoulder length bob. She lived with it for about a month, and was still running from the comb and crying. Rather than chase her, I decided to give her the same cut as her sister's.
So yesterday the scissors came out again.
Please excuse the snotty face.

 This is wash and wear hair. The only problem now is, I can't tell Sophia and Katie apart from the back.
I learned how to do this cut from Youtube. I just looked for how to cut an A-line.

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