Saturday, February 4, 2012

Dying silk flowers

Posted by: Paulette

One of the things I love about looking at other people's blogs is all the inspiration I get. When I saw this picture I immediately focused on the hydrangeas. Aren't they beautiful? I don't like it when silk flowers are made into strange colors that don't naturally occur in nature. And although I've heard from decorating experts that you should only use fresh and natural elements in your home, I've found that I'm a lot better at raising and feeding children, than keeping house plants alive. I've tried...many times...and failed. Hydrangeas don't grow in Mesa, AZ. It's too hot.

So, I've been slowly adding real looking (fake) plants and flowers to my home. They can be pretty pricey! I had some off white colored hydrangeas that I'd picked up at the thrift store years ago. and got to thinking, if you can dye coffee filters and make flowers, why can't you also dye silk flowers with the same techniques?

And so I did.
Here's how I did it.

I filled two bowls with  a few drops of food coloring, and a little water. 

Then I dipped one side of the flowers in the green and the other side in the blue.

Then, after shaking them off a bit, I sprayed them with a mixture of  1/2 vinegar and 1/2 water. I was thinking that the color was a bit too vibrant, and the vinegar would help set the remaining color. Shake off the flowers into the sink, and then dab them off on a paper towel.
After waiting for them to dry, I arranged them back in their planter.

And as usual, I should have worn gloves!

 Sadly  the days of wearing gloves to church are done. I guess I'll just look like I'm turning into the Incredible Hulk!

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