Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Boy's Room

Posted by: Paulette

Yesterday I steeled myself for my 3 month clean up of the boy's room. It gets so bad that sometimes I just stand on the threshold and tell them to pass me their dirty clothes. They're supposed to clean it once a week, but, I'm sure it become overwhelming for them. It took me Five hours to clean it up and go through all of their clothes and purge. I ended up with 3 large kitchen garbage bags full of trash and 2 large kitchen bags plus a third started, full of donations.

When we moved into this house 8 years ago my little boys were 3 and 18 months. Boy does time fly?! The room was all white with a small mural of a lighthouse on one wall. White walls in a kid's room? No Way! My sister and I worked two weeks to paint the room with wrap around murals and a ceiling full of clouds.

Now that the boys are older. It's time to repaint. I've been looking at PB kids and have decided to paint the bed and the dresser navy blue. Lined baskets will go in the slots where the drawers are missing.
I'm not sure what color to paint the walls yet. the boy's favorite colors are green, yellow and blue, so I'm pretty sure that's the colors I'll use.


The piece of furniture on the right with the bookcase on t op used to be a double wide oak filing cabinet. The boys climbed into the drawers too often and broke them all to pieces. The drawer fronts are in my garage and will be made into wall hooks. I hate to throw anything away. I plan to make shelves to go inside it and make it into another bookcase. As you can see the first one is overfilled. And my boys love to read.

The filing cabinets on the left will probably be painted blue green and yellow, and contain the boy's clothes and each of them have their own private drawer to hide their personal possessions. The closet doors came off quite a while ago because they wouldn't stay on track. they are in the garage and could be put back on when I'm ready to deal with them. At one time the boys were into climbing the shelves and hiding on the top of the closet. I want to make sure they're not doing that anymore before I put them back on .

The carpet will have to go. It's stained beyond repair. I will paint the floor and get a rug.

I think I may try to make a palate headboard for this bed. And the hole in the wall and the cable cover plate will need to be repaired before painting.

And then I wonder...is it worth it to decorate their room? Will they care?

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