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Mango Thai Restaurant

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Have you ever noticed how some of the best restaurants happen to be hidden? That's the case with this place, Mango Thai.
First let me tell you why I love Thai food. I grew up eating Chinese food. I didn't discover other "ethnic foods until I was in my twenties. Then I was introduced to Indian food. I instantly loved all of the spices and heat of the food. As I got older Chinese take out started to taste like trash to me. My palate had begun to develop. Indian food was a great alternative, but I was greedy and had to order 6 dishes, most of which was taken home and consumed later. But oh! At what a price! The calories were through the roof, and our bill was over $60! Then I discovered Thai food. Lighter on the calories, and cheaper for the wallet. The Thai people use the 4 different tastes in their dishes; spicy hot, sweet, sour, salty. This combination pf flavors is like a party in your mouth! The dishes are aromatic and flavorful. And they don't use ghee (clarified butter) in their dishes.
 Since I am allergic to wheat, I rely upon Thai and Mexican restaurants when we go out, because I know I can find something gluten free on the menu.

So why am I telling you all of this? Because Dave and I went on our date last night to Mango Thai. It's a new small restaurant located in Mesa, AZ, and every time we walk in, the place is empty! And it's not because of the food or service. The people who run it are friendly and attentive. Your glass is never empty. And the decor is charming as well. Why are they always empty? Because they are located in a corner of a shopping plaza/office park that mostly closes down at sunset. They don't get enough traffic or exposure. So I am going to do my best to give them some exposure.

We started off with an appetizer, Fresh Spring Rolls. Think Salad rolls wrapped in a huge rice noodle, and then dipped in sweet and sour sauce. It's like a salad roll. Very refreshing.

Then we followed that up with Larb with Chicken. the Thai people really know how to do salads. This particular salad was chopped marinated chicken with a lime, chili sauce over veges.

Then we had a curry. I've not had this particular curry before. But my philosophy is if it's Thai curry, it's going to be delicious! So I have no fear in choosing what ever sounds good at the time. We tried the Mango Curry. I was not disappointed. A blend of spices with cocoanut milk and fresh veges cooked  to perfection! Just the right amount of sweetness to bring out the flavors of the spices.

And our bill came to $25. 

While waiting for our food to arrive, I had a look at their take-out menu and had a good laugh over some of the names:
Drunken Noodle: Stir-fried flat noodles with mixed vegetables, basil leaves, and peppers in a homemade chili sauce
Samurai Pad Thai: A creative blend of the well known stir fried Thai noodle with eggs, bean sprouts, green onion, ground peanut, and topped with golden brown Japanese prawn tempura dipping sauce.
Duck A La Funk: Duck deep-fried to golden brown, then stir-fried with hot and sour sauce, bell pepper, chopped onion, and topped with a spicy curry sauce.

It appears that the Thai people have a great sense of humor!
I hope you give Thai food a try. And if you happen to be near Mesa AZ, check out Mango Thai. they're located behind the Burger King on the west side of Country Club and Hampton.

I was not paid for this endorsement. It's just something I'm passionate about. And I think I'll have my 50th wedding anniversary catered by them, if they're still around by then. LOL!

Mango Thai Restaurant
1440 S Country Club #10
Mesa AZ, 85210

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