Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wire baskets with canvas liners

Posted by: Paulette
When I saw this post at Attempting Aloha, I knew I'd found a solution to one of my problems. I have been looking for cheap baskets (quality at a very inexpensive price) to fill out this cute bakers rack my aunt gave me for months. They were just not to be found. I did manage to find 1, but I was never going to find matches for it. When I did find something that might work, they had handles on them, which made them too tall. 
These baskets are made to order! I could make them whatever size I wanted. A roll of the wire mesh (found in the garden center of your home improvement store with the fencing supplies) was only $7. And I've already made three baskets and still have more leftover. The canvas is part of a drop cloth that I bought to slipcover my couch. Another great idea by the way. Buy Canvas drop cloths for the fabric. It's a lot cheaper than buying the fabric off the bolt. I almost bought 2 yards of off white duck cloth at Wal-mart yesterday. It was $7. But then I recovered my misplaced brain, and bought the canvas drop cloth at Ace Hardware instead!

I am now able to store those ugly kid's lunch bags out of sight. My aprons are in another basket. I love that the liners can be pulled off and washed!
A must have when you are putting them in a kitchen.

Charlie at Attempting Aloha has some great ideas and tutorials. Check her out sometime!

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