Sunday, April 17, 2011

I made this light fixture!

Posted by: Paulette
While out shipping with Dave at hobby Lobby, I was looking in the garden section and fell in love with the metal hanging baskets used for plants.I turned one over on top of the other and thought, this would make a cute light fixture.
Then when looking in my Ballard designs catalog, I fell in love with this:
Ballard Designs
I remembered that shopping trip, and when I was at Goodwill I scored! I got two of the hanging baskets for $10. I know that my fixture doesn't look exactly the same. But I am happy with it.

I removed the chains from the baskets and used the individual links to attach the baskets to one another. Then I used the existing light socket and cord from the grandma style pink and white Tiffany lamp for this fixture. I painted the cord black, and used some of the chain and the hook to hang the fixture. It looks so much better in real life. I love the little bit of rust on it. It gives it a great patina. 
I'm not looking forward to changing the light bulb. I'll have to take off half of the links to open the cage. It's a good thing the CFLs last so long.

And since I was able to customize how low it would hang, Dave doesn't hit his head on it anymore!


  1. I was thinking even though you only have one light fixture to use for lighting....
    And just the one looks bare...
    If you could find the baskets again...
    2 more hanging next to it in different lengths would look awesome and then just place flameless candle votives in them. Or not. But to just keep more symmetry add 2 more....But I really like it!

  2. If I can figure out how to rig the base for the flameless votives, I may just do that. I had to work a spiderweb design with wire on top to hold the light fixture. That may work. I guess I'm on the lookout for some more!

  3. The long lasting bulbs are an energy saver but tend to be an eye sore mask it with an old glass vintage jar use the metal lid as an anchor

    1. please forgive me i am only trying to help lower the light is it over a table if so the light should be at eye level when standing if it hangs freely in the room eye level may cause a black eye when the bulb burns out in years to come also did you know that the energy saving bulbs have more mercury in them than others careful if you ever break one

      happy day
      keep on creating you are a martha Stewart and I like your re-purposing

      may I steal the term RE purpose ??

  4. google (making light fixtures out of mason jars / the Cheney House) instructions will be there I have t disagree with another commentator I DONT like symmetry 1 or 3 Decor takes a casual comfy feel when it appears less staged

    none the less your creativity is great I am working on a new project would love to share

    Muslin fabic LOVE LOVE LOVE it and its cheap It is very absorbent which means great kitchen or bath towels The fabric is thin but the hotter the water the more dense it becomes. and ...... when cut into yards of 2 inch strips using a 7 to 10 crochet needle and a hdc stitch a fabulous area rug Muslin can be dyed to any color using rit from the grocery store will have to post my project here when complete i am still cutting and cutting and cutting !!!