Friday, April 8, 2011

My version of the PB Frame Riser

Posted by: Paulette

 Pretty Cool how that one frame is "floating" in front of the other ones, huh? Do you want to know how? This is how:

When I saw this:

image from Pottery Barn

I thought the effect was so cool that I wanted one. But then when I saw that they wanted $16 for it, my gears inside my head began to turn, and then I realized that I could MAKE ONE! Cool huh?
The best part of all of this is that I used stuff I already had. So this little guy cost me nothing to make. You read that right NADA!
And now I'm going to teach you how to make one.

You will need:

A saw of some type. (I used a jig saw.)
Scrap wood
A wood dowel
A drill bit to match the diameter of your dowel
Drill bit a bit smaller than the diameter of your screws
2 longish screws. (mine were about 2" long)
A saw tooth picture hanger
1 small screw (mine was 1/2")
Primer and paint optional
A ruler or tape measure
A pencil or pen

-I started by cutting my squares. I used wood from a kitchen drawer that came apart. My 
   squares are 3.5"x3.5" square. And sand the edges smooth.
-Cut your dowel about 4" long, and sand the edges just a bit.
-Next, using your drill, drill a hole in the center of each one, about 1/4" deep. This is where  
   your dowel is going to sit.

-Drill a hole in the center end of each dowel.
-Place the saw tooth picture hanger center top, on the back of one of the squares.
-Screw through the front of the other square, fitting the dowel in the hole and finish screwing the screw into the
-Place second long screw through back of other square, placing dowel into it's hole, screw through to dowel.
You should have something that looks a bit like a dumb bell. (Which is a bit how I'm feeling right now trying to explain this.)

- Next, finding the center top of your front square, place small screw, and screw down until some of the screw is still up. 

( This all sounds really strange to me. I hope I never have a job explaining how to put furniture together. Someone will have bought a book case and ended up with a porch swing, with my directions.)

-You now have the option of painting your lovely new piece of hardware. The saw tooth picture hanger hangs on a nail on the wall, and your picture hands from the small screw on the front.

Now, maybe you'd rather go order one from PB! LOL!
By the way, all of the art work is mine and of my beautiful children when they were babies. They grow up so fast!!!!

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