Monday, April 4, 2011


Posted by Jvona

This little guy, which I made for my littlest guy, was made out of  two baby washcloths and felt.

I think he loooooves him! I also made one for Rachel and her little man, Jed, but I think he got left behind in the sound room at The Boy's band practice, so he will have to make his 3sisters blog debut at a later date. (Sorry sis... I had it done in time for mom to bring with her on her visit, but I guess he wanted to stay in Florida a bit longer...I don't blame him, I hear its pretty dang cold there in Jersey right now!)

I made this guy for another one of my sons. A teddybear I bought at Goodwill sacrificed his life for this eyeball finger puppet.
Ok, so he didn't sacrifice his life, just his leg. ;-)

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  1. Hahahahahah! I love it! They're so colorful and creative.