Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My version of a Ballard Designs painting

Posted by: Paulette
I have admired a certain painting in the Ballard Designs catalog ever since I saw it about 3 years ago. Last week while treasure hunting at Goodwill, I found a huge canvas for a buck! Score! I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. I drew my design based on the picture in the catalog and added a little house. My picture isn't exactly the same, but it's very similar. I also decided to change the color of the sky from yellow to blue. I've always loved poppies, and since I've slip covered the furniture in the living room, I can now add these bright red splashes of color without it clashing with the fabrics on the furniture. Hooray for canvas drop cloths!

I painted this using craft acrylic paints. Not exactly my favorite for painting on canvas since it drips, but it's what I had. Not bad for a dollar, huh?

Here's the original Ballard painting:
Image from Ballard Designs

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