Monday, April 18, 2011

Organized medicine cabinet

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While emptying out my kitchen cabinets and cleaning them in preparation for painting, I decided that I'd had enough! Enough of having bottles of meds falling into my dishwater, when I was moving them around to find something. Enough of having my vitamins pushed to the back and taking 5 minutes every day to go find them. Enough of having to get a chair so that I could see to the back of the cabinet! So this is what I did.

There are 4 baskets, each labeled with it's contents: Mom's vitamins, colds, flus, and fevers, and Tummy problems. the fourth box is for thermometers and misc. Now when I need to take my vitamins, there's no more hunting. I just take down the basket, and put it back when I'm done.
The tutorial for making the baskets is found on Attempting Aloha here.

The labels are inside little plastic bags so that when I have wet hands, I wont mess them up.

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