Friday, July 15, 2011

Doll in Progress Sapphire

Posted by: Paulette

On day one, I drafted the pattern and collected inspiration photos, and went through my fabrics to see if I had everything I needed.
On day two, I went to Joann fabrics and bought some fabrics and began work on the doll. She got a body, her face  drawn and painted, some hair, and her "crown".
Sapphire's face was first drawn on a scrap piece of fabric to get an  idea of size, and then redrawn onto her face. Colored and shaded with Prismacolor pencils and the painted in using acrylics. Her hair is made from acrylic yarn that has been combed out with a wire brush. Her "crown is a gold leaf with glitter all over it. Some kind od Fall decor that I found while at Joann's.
On day three I made her dress and bloomers and beaded the top of her dress. She also received her fingernails and toenails, by painting on Mod Podge.
Today the plan is to make her wings and stand and do some painting detail on her finger and toe nails. I've already done some shading and coloring with Prismacolor pencils on her hands, feet, elbows and knees, and did some touching up on her face.

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