Sunday, July 10, 2011

I modestified my new dress

Posted by, Paulette
I bought a cute sleeveless dress at the Van Heusen outlet last week while out shopping with my aunt and Mom. Together with the short sleeve cardigan, I spent $50. not bad since the dress was originally $88 and the cardi was $65. But while laying in bed last night I was thinking that it was going to be dang ht wearing that cardi in 115 degree weather in Arizona. So I wondered if I could make sleeves for the dress somehow. While playing with changing the length of the dress, I realized that there wasn't enough fabric to cut off and it still be modest. I wear a longish underwear that looks a lot like a biker short, and I have to be careful about the length of my dresses, skirts and shorts. In the morning I remembered that I had a blue and white stripe that I could use to fill in the gaps. I sadly didn't take a before picture, but I was able to find a picture of a similar style dress.
Before (sort of)
 I cut off about 5 1/2" off the bottom of the dress and added the stripe to replace it. Then I took the fabric that I cut off and the stripe and constructed a little puff sleeve.
very crude pattern that I followed

close up of sleeve

I glad that I was able to figure this out. It's going to a useful thing to know, since there are so many cute sleeveless dresses out there, and when my girls get old enough to go to prom/homecoming, I'll know how to add sleeves to their dresses. Thankfully that will be a little while yet. My eldest daughter is only four years old. She's the cutie getting in on the photo shoot above.

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