Saturday, July 9, 2011

Halloween dolls

Posted by: Paulette
I was so inspired after making the first Ghost girl doll that I decided to make an entire grouping of Halloween dolls, which are now available for sale in my Etsy shop. Here they are!
Victor the Vampire will hypnotize you with his beautiful aqua colored eyes.

Sometimes when doll artists dress a doll they use pieces of fabric glued and sewn to the doll to simulate clothing. Victor wears real clothes. They are sewn closed with the buttons. Because of this it takes me a full day to costume my dolls, and except for the jewelry, they are safe for children to play with. I started by making dolls for my boys who were interested in characters that were not commercially made into toys. I love Victor's faux hawk which was made by crocheting fun fur into a cap and then sewing it onto his head. There are more pictures of Victor on my Etsy site if you're interested.

Charlotte the Witch is a victim of a mistake made in potions class. She is much better at baking than potions making and her favorite ingredient is pumpkin.

 Charlotte also wears real clothes and has the addition of a pet spider and a chatelaine full of magic charms which she wears clipped to her belt. More pictures can be seen in my Etsy store.

Aboo the Mummy  will captivate you with his one beautiful eye.

This was the easiest doll to make. If he were made for children, I think it would be fun to have his bandages be removable. I used a mottled brown fabric for his skin to simulate mummification. And the combination of the printed fabric and the gauze create a great aged affect for his wrappings. Click on the link above if you're interested in seeing more pictures.

All of these dolls were created using the same pattern as was used for the ghost girl doll. Which shows how versatile one pattern can be!
I've had so much fun sewing these little dolls, but I need to get back to the gardening and home improvement projects that are piling up.

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