Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New doll in progress Charlotte the witch

Posted by: Paulette
I've gotten hooked into t he doll making again. I guess all it took was to have someone request one from me and I remembered how much I love bringing these little characters to life from fabric and yarn.
My newest doll in the works is a little green witch named Charlotte. I've found that if I think about a story while making my characters that it helps to bring them to life in my mind. So Charlotte is a witch in training, who made a little mistake in her potion making, and it turned her skin green. Apparently this is a common occurrence, as you see many witches with green skin, and so she is joining the ranks of famous witches like Elphaba.
She is getting wigged in this picture. I've curled her hair by winding yarn around dowels and then baking them in the oven at a low temperature. They are allowed to cool before I pull the yarn off and weft them between two pieces of paper on my sewing machine and then they are hand sewn to the doll.
I am in the process of making her clothes. She will have the autumn colors in her costume, and will be carrying a pumpkin and have a pet spider on her shoulder.. The pattern for the doll is the same one I used for the ghost girl. Who has since been named Sylvia.

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