Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ron Weasley Doll Finished

Posted by: Paulette
I've finally put the finishing touches on my Ron Weasley doll and he is now for sale in my shop.
He is made from an original pattern by yours truly. His face is drawn first with pencil an then colored and shaded with Prismacolor colored pencils. Then the whites of his eyes, pupils and shines on his eye are painted in acrylic paints.I also painted some Mod Podge over his eyes and lips to make them a bit glossy.
After his body is tightly stuffed, all of his appendages are sewn by hand to his body in the position desired. And then I begin to design the clothing. His tie is individual strips of cloth sewn into striped and then hand sewn into a toe. His shoes are made from a soft vinyl, and his sweater and socks are made from orphaned socks. Nice to know there's a use for those, right?

Ron's fingernails were made by painting three layers of Mod Podge on his fingers and then when it was dry, painting the tips with acrylic paint.
Mr Weasley's wand and pet rat Scabbers are made with wire armatures and then Super Sculpey is sculpted over the top, and then they are painted with acrylic paints.

Ron's hair is made by crocheting a cap out of fun fur yarn and then hand sewing it to his head. An additional piece was added for his bangs.

Thanks for looking.


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  2. Exquisite, Paulette! I love all the extra bits of detailing that add so much to the presentation of your work.

  3. You are an awesome doll maker. He's wonderful:)

  4. Ron looks amazing! :D He even has Scabbers!