Friday, July 22, 2011

Thanks A Lot Target!! Guest Bathroom Gets Makeover

Posted by: Paulette
Dave and I have moved date night to Thursdays for the summer. Last night he and I went out to eat, and then did a little shopping. I needed some hair goop to keep my curls from turning into a fro, and so we went to Target.
As I wandered around I picked up a few things that weren't originally on the list. They had their iced tea tumblers on clearance for $.98 each. Eight of them found their way into my basket. I was still heading back to the camping supplies to pick up a new air mattress, just in case we need it for our 6 house guests this week. Yes. I did say SIX.
Weeellll...I never did find the air mattresses. What  I did find was that Target had their towels on sale. They were $4 each. When was the last time I bought towels for the guest bathroom? I can't even remember. Probably when we first moved into this house, which was eight years ago. The only problem was that Target didn't have the same colors that thy had eight years ago when I had decorated the bathroom with violets. I LOVED them at the time. Today...not so much.
I was drawn to the aqua and turquoise towels. I was thinking red and turquoise. Or aqua and white. Or Aqua and chocolate brown. (now where's my chocolate?)
The options for shower curtains made up my mind for me. Aqua and brown. There's no way I'm buying white towels. Have you read my Mud post?
The shower curtain is a pretty aqua with a waffle weave pattern.
When I got home I hopped onto the computer and started going through Pinterest  for inspiration pictures for decorating the bathroom. I found a couple of pics that I thought would be fun to recreate. And then I remembered. There was a spot on the wall where I had painted violets to cover up the patch work of repairing holes left by the towel bar. Ugh! Gotta get rid of those violets!!
The painting ended up becoming a mural.


Right bottom

Left Bottom

The old towel hooks got a couple of coats of silver spray paint, and then put back up on the wall. I already had all of the painting supplies and paint, so there was no cost there. I still need to scrape the paint off the floor, but I'm excited about the "new" bathroom. And now when my guests sit on the commode, they can imagine themselves in a fairy land forest and be glad they don't have to wipe with leaves!

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