Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sart of a new Doll Sapphire

Posted by: Paulette
I have a request to make a portrait doll. Since I love this new pattern I've developed for the Halloween dolls, I thought I'd start with that and then improve upon it. I changed the hand slightly so that the needle sculpting looks better, and I changed the leg, and one of the arms. This little doll is a dancer! Foxy Blue asked me to make her a fairy and since I love the Cecily Mary Barker fairies, I'll be taking my inspiration from there. She never made a peony, which is Foxy's favorite flower, so, I'm on my own there for design. And Foxy's favorite color is aqua and I have some great fabrics that I'll be using for the skirt of her dress. I've drawn my conceptual design, and am wondering if I should leave her barefoot or make her some slippers.
Left side

Right side

You would think that I'd be ready to st op at this point and give myself a break. I worked from 1pm to 11 pm on this doll yesterday. I have more than this finished, and I'll share that with you later. Time slips away from me when I'm creating art and we have friends coming over for a play date today and the house is a wreck!

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