Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fun With A Sharpie

Posted by: Paulette 

I love to have a sharpie around the house for putting names on lunch bags, labeling canning jars, and just about anything else you can think of that the things are useful for. But, when the kids get a hold of them, I almost want to cry! Case in point, here are some of the things my little artists have done.


It did not come out with a professional carpet cleaning. Ugh!

the line that stretches all the way to the door

And it didn't stop there. It goes all the way across the room to the door. So, it's what? A traveling carrot, perhaps?

I like the distressed look on furniture, but this is not my style. It was a bit distressing to me. 

Not my idea of  "distressing"

I was bored a few nights ago, and decided to do a little sharpie art myself. I got my new Ballard designs catalog in the mail. It's a great inspiration book. So, I did this:

Knockoff Ballard shade

And  this was my inspiration:
Ballard Document shade
The buffet size retails for $22. My shades came with the $12 lamps from Wal-mart. So, really, to me they were free. Do you think I can tell the hubby that I saved him $44? He he he!


  1. My husband just LOVES to hear how much money I save him. ha ha.

  2. I ordered this material from them and covered a bench. I am keeping the rest for a special project, though I don't know what it is yet. I love your shade but I would go crazy if my kids did that on the carpet. My daughter did write her name on her dresser and her wall when she was little. What is a Mom to do?

  3. Awesome job, I love it. Very chic.

    Cha Cha