Friday, March 25, 2011

Goodwill Hunting

Posted by: Rachel

Bird house painted white

When I lived back in Phoenix/Mesa/Tempe, AZ I would go to Deseret Industries (a LDS Goodwill) and Goodwill all the time to find furniture  and accessories for my apartments. It saved me tons of money when I didn't have tons of money to spend.
Since I moved to New Jersey with my hubby I hadn't been to our local Goodwill. Finally after procrastinating and getting fed up with spending full price and too much money on trying to decorate our new home - I found my way to Goodwill
I was really quite bummed out with how small this GW was. I mean the ones back in AZ were HUGE! Basically a department store. This one was more like the size of some people's backyards. As disappointed as I was, I still weaved along each tiny aisle to find the treasures they were hiding. 
Going to GW you have to have an open mind. See things for what they can be and not for what they are (kinda like men).
Haul #1

Haul #2

I found beautiful picture frames and milk glass vases( which I love) and other oddities. So this is what I got on two different trips. And then the afters.

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