Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wham Bam Bamboo M'am!

Posted by Jvona

Because I've been renting my entire adult life, I've always had to live by renters rules, one of them the whole no painting the walls weird colors thing. I really like the idea of wall vinyl stickers, but the cost is a bit prohibitive. I decided to go ahead and paint the walls anyway. So for a few bucks for craft paint and brushes, I have a look I can enjoy. I'll paint over it when I move. It will take a lot of primer, but the final result is worth it!
I happened across a bamboo frame that had been stuck in between the wall and washer in our wash closet. Originally, it had a tulip painted on it. I blacked out the area with the tulip and found online the Japanese kanji symbols for "live", "laugh" and "love". I resized the symbols, printed them and blacked them in with sharpie, so the ink wouldn't smear. I then aged the paper by "painting" it with a tea bag and coffee grounds. I tore the edges for an even rougher look. I sprayed each piece with polyurethane and glued them on to the frame. The resulting piece turned out great! I only hope the kanji symbols really read "live, laugh, love"  (Poor Brit wanted "mysterious, but got "strange")

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  1. Great job sis! I'm glad to see you finally posting. Two projects in one post. Fantastic!