Friday, March 25, 2011

Turning a blah space to a beautiful space

Posted by: Rachel

So I got impatient with waiting to paint the living room/ dining room area and decided to do a painted square in the "living room" part of the space. I had gotten a paint sample from Home Depot(around $3 for 8oz) months ago but decided that it just wasnt the color I wanted for the entire space but still loved the color. I also didnt want to put newly painted white frames on a dingy white/cream wall. It would just look blah. So I blocked off a 40in by 50in rectangle on the wall with painters tape and went at it. I still had some paint left over too. Once that dried I took my pictures and silver "oddities" and hung them in a pattern that i decided on on the floor earlier. It defiinitely adds character and warmth to an otherwise blah space. 

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