Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Mantle

Spring Mantle

Posted by : Paulette

Don't you just love it when everything comes together just right? I have been so inspired by the wonderful talented bloggers out there, and my house thanks you for it! Several times, I've been reading how about so-and-so found this item at the thrift store, and had this thing-a-ma-jig laying around and thought they would go perfectly together. Well, you know we all do it, don't we? We hold on to something we love, knowing that it can be used somewhere, we just don't know where yet. And then there's that something that we like, but don't love, and give it a new coat of paint, and ZAP! It's one of our new favorite things. 
That's how this whole mantle has been for me this week. 

Moss square wreath

I saw a beautiful  moss, square wreath in one of my journeys through the blogosphere. I wish I could give credit for where I found it, but I don't remember. I bought a $1 square wood frame at Michaels, and covered it with batting from an old pillow, and then used my hot glue gun to cover it with moss matting. Have you tried this stuff? It's amazing, and considering how messy moss can be to work with, it's really not that messy. I added a simple burlap bow, and some branches with fake tissue paper flowers on it, and it was finished.


The cloche is a compilation of a large chippy tea cup, and saucer, super glued together for the base, and a candle holder turned upside down with a finial from a  tie back super glued to it. The original nest had candy eggs, but the kiddos weren't happy with the entire leftover BAG! they had to have ALL of them. So, I made these eggs from Super Sculpey ( a polymer clay) and painted them. 

I wrote about the spring branches here

Why Seek Ye

I wanted to include something about Easter, so I printed "Why search ye among the dead? He is Risen!" on a transparency sheet and then stuck it behind the glass of a frame that I painted black. The print of Mary looking into the Tomb is by Liz Lemon Swindle. I love this woman's art work. Her paintings always touch my heart. 

birdie candle stick

The birdie candle stick is one of a set of three that I found at Hobby Lobby at 90% off, after Christmas. They were originally a cheap looking gold. I painted them a flat black to look like wrought iron, and liked them that way for a while. but I wanted something more calming. I spray painted them white and then used acrylics to paint them a bluish gray, and then dry brushed them with some brown. 

I look forward to more inspiration to come. I hope I've inspired one of you!

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