Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I Feel So Liberated!

Remember when I posted about getting rid of the carpet and painting the concrete floor? Well I've started! I was vacuuming up popcorn from Family home evening, and thought, "what's the point?" I peeled back part of the carpet and my mind started working on what kinds of tools I would need. 

Pulling the carpet back to reveal...

A scraping tool---> spackling knife
Tools for pulling up the tack bar---> hammer and flat head screwdriver
Something to cut the carpet into more manageable pieces---> craft knife
Something to clean up all of this mess--->broom and dust pan

Later as I'd gotten into the scary mess, I realized that I should be wearing eye protectors and gloves.

Watch out! Flying debris

I don't do much planning when I start these projects. I just jump right in. After peeling back the carpet I found a couple of things. First was that the padding was glued in some spots to the floor beneath and that I would have to scrape it off.

Scraping padding off floor

Glue. Yuck!

 I also found that it was really dirty! After getting rid of some of the carpet and padding, I began popping up the tack strips. The are nailed into the concrete floor. Oh well. I have to patch the cracks anyway, what are some shallow holes added to the mix? Nothing! 
I've learned a couple of things today. It's a whole lot easier to clean the concrete floor, which I already suspected and had confirmed when my two year old brought in the bag of popcorn that was left outside and sprinkled it across the floor before I had time to catch her and take it away. Whew! the other thing is that I'll need to do small sections every day, because this is back breaking work! 

ta da

As I was taking my break, I was looking through a decorative finishes book, and dreaming about what my new floor would look like.
The space we finished today  was double this size, and moving the entertainment center took a while to unhook everything and move. I hope to get a larger space done tomorrow.

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