Thursday, March 24, 2011

Taking A Risk

I already told y'all about how I pulled out the carpet in my living room, and you've seen the ugly concrete floors that I'm currently living with as I've slipcovered the living room furniture. I do have a plan...sort of, of transforming my concrete floor into one of beauty. I have researched how to paint concrete floor on the internet, and I have some experience with faux finishing. It was on a doll house though! No risk there, right? So This is what I want to do: (the lower part. not the stairs.)

Easier said than done. How do I keep 5 kids and a husband off of it while I paint? I'm pretty serious about this being what I want, and I know it's going to take a lot f time on my knees painting. I also know that there's no turning back, because I will not have carpet in my living room again. Let me restate that. I WILL NOT HAVE CARPET IN THE LIVING ROOM AGAIN! It's a mess. And I can't keep it clean. But I've told you all of that already. That said...I am getting a little too comfortable with the current state of the living room floor, paint splatters, and paint can rings, and all. LOL!

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