Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pillows make a home cozy

Posted by: Paulette
So, since I was tired of all of my dingy pillows, I decided to make some new ones, with as little cost as possible. No cost, really. I used some saved fabric scraps, An old curtain that I'd bought at a garage sale, and all of the stuffing, and notions from the other pillows. 

 Not much special about this one. I just used some ticking in leftover toile from an upholstery project.

 For this pillow, I printed an image from the Graphics fairy onto fabric, by using spray adhesive on a piece of card stock, and trimming the fabric to fit. Then I sewed it to the center of the pillow top, and unraveled the seam allowance. After putting the pillow together and stuffing it, I sewed the bow on as an after thought.

 The bird on the next two pillows was made by printing the image of the script or sheet music, and then placing a silhouette of a bird over the top, and cutting the two papers together. When the image was cut out, I removed the paper from the back of the bird, and then top stitched it to the pillow top, and then assembled the rest of the pillows.

The red ticking pillows in the background were made using the cord from the wefting on the old pillows. 
A whole couch full of new pillows for no cost. I'm one happy lady!

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