Monday, March 28, 2011

Square Spring Wreath

Posted by : Paulette

I thought it was about time that the front door got a new wreath. It's the end of March and the Valentine's wreath is still hanging up. I was looking through some blogs and found this post on Frou-FrouGal, and knew that I had to copy it. I even told her so. 
Frou-frou Girl

She started off with a homemade foam base made from a pizza box lid.
I thought the pizza box lid was a great idea, and made mine from stacks of cardboard. I cut them all to the same size, and then hot  glued them around the edges, measured a square for the inside, and then cut it out with a utility knife.
If you've been following my posts about making pillows, you know that I have a lot of polyester batting that I've been reusing. I hot glued some of that to the top of the base, and then used a moss matting found at Hobby Lobby or Michael's over the top, just as if I was upholstering a cushion for a top of a chair, wrapping it around and hot gluing on the back.
Moss matting

Then I cut an X in the center and wrapped each of the inside edges around to the back. The rest was copied from her. A few twisty roses from fabric scraps, a small nest filled with eggs made from polymer clay and then painted, and some feathers. I made my pussy willows from sticks from the back yard, and pulled apart cotton balls. The only thing I had to buy was the moss, so this was a cheap project for me. I know mine isn't exactly like hers, but I like it anyway! I think it's funny that our front doors are the same color!

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