Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pinewood Derby Preparations

Posted by: Paulette
I thought I'd share a few things I've been making up for this Saturday's Pinewood Derby.

The invitation:

I am not a scrap booker, so I'm sure if you have one of those die cut machines this would be a whole lot easier. This could have been more old school though, if I'd drawn the images. I didn't. I used ones from the web. Good ol' copy and paste. I pasted the images of the car into Paint. The information for the meeting is on the reverse side of the card. 

The Trophies:


Couldn't be easier, or cheaper! I found some great plastic taper candle holders at Goodwill. I got them on sale for $.50 each! I already had the cars from last year, so I didn't have to pay for those. I alreafy had the little disks for making kerchief slides. If you've ever been in scouts, you know that they are the party favors of almost every Pack meeting. The paint is somewhere around $3.50 a bottle. The winners cup, is literally a cup. It's also glued to the plastic taper holder.  I have a plan to fill it with gold wrapped candy. The inscriptions are done in sharpie marker. EASY! If you mess up, you can always spray paint over the top and start over. 


 My kids love them and won't leave them alone. I hope I can still find them intact for Saturday. In the above picture my two year old, (we call her our destroying angel) has already taken off with one of the cars.
Back to work! (or maybe a nap)

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